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Problems With Commonly Used Waters

We all know that aqua is one of the essential things in human life; even human physique is made up of 70% of water. There is no need to explain the importance of the aqua as we all know about it, but if we say that this normal using thing can give you benefits related to health then many of you will not believe it but it is true. So let us see how your dinks are going to be a natural medicine for you.

Tap Water

We mostly use the water coming from the tap but can you say that it is pure or it is not harmful. It is the result of research that most of the tap water is contaminated and many pollutants are found in it. Some of these have a very negative effect.

We had started using filters and ROs to drink fresh one but still, they don’t know that these devices are not so strong that can make your aqua healthier for you. In this situation only the Kangen water can help you which has even all the benefits that will keep you healthy.

Tap Water

Bottle Water

Bottled Water

Now you were thinking about the liquid coming in bottles and also take it as safe to take in but we must tell you that it cannot be said with confidence that this will be a better option as it has only some minerals added to it so there is no proof that tells us that the liquid inside the bottle is less polluted.

The research of the Natural Resource Defense council came with shocking answers that the bottled aqua is that about 30% is contaminated and some are out of limits that are allowed. The plastic bottles are also affecting our environment and the liquid is also acidic disturbing our pH balance. The Kangen is non-acidic so very helpful in maintaining the pH balance.

Reverse osmosis water

The third options that we are left with and using continuously are reverse osmosis also known as RO. These are very common nowadays and you will find most of the families are using RO but here you should know that the process used removes the minerals and so the taste of the liquid changes, a study were done on the device comes out saying that the outlet is not good as it is harmful to our physique. The Kangen device is not harmful even it will give you alkaline water that can be helpful in getting free from the acids that are packed in our body

RO Water