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Problems With Commonly Used Waters

To understand its contemporary significance, you need to be acquainted with the basic science involved in it. The pH scale is a measuring system used to determine the acidic or the basic nature of a particular substance.

The scale ranged from 1-14, where 1 is the most acidic and 14 is the most basic. In the middle lies 7, which is the pH of neutral water which a vast majority of people consume today. And ours is alkaline, which is of the pH slightly above 8.

Why do you need it?

Due to the drastic impact of pollution in today’s times, no water is safe for proper consumption. Be it bottled, tap, or even the ones coming out of your RO/UV filters. The machineries today damage the liquid needlessly and decrease its oxygen content.

Ours is oxygen rich water and our devices equipped with the latest Japanese technology does not harm it. The alkaline nature of it helps you not only get hydrated properly but also create a suitable environment in your body to grow properly.

Tap Water

Bottle Water

How else can it be put to use?

The alkaline and oxygen-rich nature of our water helps in effective cleaning and sanitization of your workplaces and homes. You can also use it to clean your fruit and vegetables, utensils in the kitchen and also prepare your food items in a healthy manner.

The one with a slightly acidic pH can be put for skin care and beauty use, rejuvenating your youth!

Why Us?

Our Kangen alkaline machines provide you with the water that contains more oxygen as compared to the standard liquid in consumption by today’s commonality. Not only that, it is also rich in Hydrogen which is a very effective antioxidant and provides anti-ageing properties.

Through our machines, we decrease the pH of the water without harming its quality, and effectively retain the oxygen composition in it which helps nourish your body in a fulfilled manner.

It also neutralizes the excess acids in your body, and especially in your blood, hence providing a comfortable environment for the growth of the white blood cells (WBCs), which helps fight against the harmful bacteria, infections and even viruses.

As a result, your immune system is strengthened, and your body is provided with the perfect balance of Oxygen and Hydrogen.

RO Water